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Harold Davis, Sleep Lab Specialist

Harold Davis has been involved in healthcare for over 30 years in various aspects such as acute care, home care, sleep medicine, pharmacies, physician of clinics and sales/delivery of respiratory products and services. His clientele include home care organizations, physician groups, hospitals, pharmacies, outpatient clinics and sleep centers.

For more than twenty five years, Mr. Davis has developed policies, procedures, and training programs for clients and employers for accreditation and new services. His knowledge of various settings in healthcare has given him the ability to provide a complete picture of the working of any healthcare setting for whatever the need that is presented. Harold is a surveyor for an accreditation organization.

Mr. Davis and his wife own a sleep lab that treats the whole spectrum of disorders. He has a team of nurse practitioners, RPGSTs and sleep physicians that he collaborates with for issues and changes in sleep medicine. Harold also manages a sleep clinic practice overseeing the daily aspects of clinic flow as well as consult with the staff on complex patients due to his vast experience in respiratory as well as home medical equipment and how they all come together. Harold has also helped several labs as well as his own lab to successfully complete accreditation.

Harold gives lectures in sleep, respiratory and home medical equipment. He is currently serving on his local current school board and is active in school activities with his children. Harold also is active in his local church and serves on the finance committee.

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